Dustpan & Brushes

An essential cleaning product that contributes to hygiene and overall cleanliness, a good dustpan and brush is vital for enabling quick, hassle-free clean ups at a moment's notice.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products, including quality dustpan and brushes, that are suitable for use in any home or workplace.

What is a dustpan and brush?

Dustpan and brushes are two separate items that are sold together and work in tandem to create a quick and easy cleaning solution - perfect for dealing with spillages and accidents. The brush consists of a handheld sweeping device with multiple bristles to collect and move unwanted items, sweeping them into the dustpan - a separate 'pan' that collects items swept in by the brush for easy collection and emptying.

Why buy a dustpan and brush?

Frequent cleaning is a necessity for the home and the workplace alike. Dust and debris, when left alone, is a paradise for germs, bacteria, and disease to multiply and spread. This can cause staff or family illness in the workplace or at home respectively.

Aside from the important hygienic benefits, a good dustpan and brush can keep areas free of spilled items and debris, giving users a quick way to efficiently sweep away mess - without the hassle of finding, carrying, and plugging in a bulky vacuum cleaner. Perfect for those smaller jobs or cleaning tasks, a dustpan and brush can keep areas clean and spotless.

When are dustpan and brushes used?

A dustpan and brush is needed for situations when using a vacuum cleaner is impractical or impossible. For example:

Clearing larger items that would damage a vacuum - e.g., broken glass, plastic pieces, spilled pasta, etc.

Reaching far or awkward places with a long-handled brush

• For quick, hassle-free cleaning e.g., when plugging in or setting up a vacuum cleaner isn't worth it

• Noise-free cleaning - perfect for late nights or early mornings when sound could be an issue

• Power-saving - using a dustpan and brush doesn't require electricity, perfect for those wishing to save on electricity without sacrificing cleanliness

Need a hand choosing the right dustpan and brush (or other cleaning products) for you? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised and free advice to help you find the right solutions for your home or workspace.

Considerations when choosing a dustpan and brush

When choosing a dustpan and brush, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best product for your needs:

• Handle - Dustpan and brushes are available in two main varieties - handheld, and long handled. Handheld dustpan and brushes are ideal for quick surface cleaning - such as cleaning counters, worktops, or quickly collecting a spillage. Long handled dustpans can collect items from the floor whilst users are standing up - perfect for floor cleaning and reaching under tables, chairs, etc.

• Dustpan hood - Some dustpans are hooded to enhance dirt and dust collection rate, minimising spillage. A hooded dustpan allows users to collect more items before needing to empty the dustpan.

• Colour - Cromwell stocks a varied range of dustpan and brushes, available in a wide range of colours to enhance visibility and promote usage. We stock a number of colours to suit any type of domestic or industrial usage.