Electric Fly Killers

Unwanted flying pests can cause a number of domestic and hygiene issues, causing unwanted bacteria, germs, and contamination. Electric fly killers are an effective method of preventing potential issues. Here at Cromwell we stock highly effective electric fly killers and zappers, perfect for removing and preventing unwanted pests in any room or area from supplier Insect-O-Cutor.

What are electric fly killers?

Electric fly killers are devices that are usually placed on walls, floors, or ceilings to eradicate airborne pests. They require electricity to function and use UV light bars to lure flying pests to a swift neutralisation.
Such pests find UV light irresistible, which makes electric fly killers an extremely effective method of preventing flying pests from contaminating a room or area.

Why electric fly killers?

Electric fly killers and zappers are highly effective on all kinds of flying pests, such as mosquitos, wasps, gnats, and flies. Electric fly killers can prevent further infestations by stopping them at the source. With tactical placements of electric fly zappers, pests are far less likely to bury into carpets, walls, or fabrics and laying eggs, which could cause further problems down the line.

When electric fly killers?

Electric fly killers are an important addition to any industry where the prevention of contaminates is vital. This includes factories, kitchens, restaurants, production lines, packaging centres, and much more.

Considerations when choosing electric fly killers

Wattage - The wattage of an electric fly zapper determines the effective range of the zapper. Bigger, more powerful electric fly killers provide a brighter light and a more effective insect lure, increasing the range and working better over a larger area.


Do electric bug zappers work on flies
Electric bug zappers are effective on virtually any flying pest, including flies, wasps, mosquitos, and more.

Do electric fly catchers work?
Electric fly catchers and zappers do work, and are the most effective way to prevent fly contamination in an area.

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