Glass Cleaners

Keep windows and reflective surfaces clean, hygienic, and safe with high quality glass cleaning products.

No matter your cleaning needs, Cromwell stocks a large variety of glass cleaners from leading suppliers such as Action Can, Mr Muscle and Ambersil, so you are bound to find the ideal products for you.

What are glass cleaners?

Glass cleaners consist of a unique blend of effective cleaning agents to wash away dirt and grease from reflective surfaces.

When combined with a suitable cloth and a bit of elbow grease, glass cleaner can ensure all smears and marks are buffed out - resulting in a germ-free ultra-clear finish.

Why buy glass cleaner?

Glass cleaner effectively removes all kinds of dirt, grease, fingerprints, and more from polished and see-through surfaces. A good glass cleaner is a vital tool in any janitorial or household/office cleaning arsenal, as dirty windows can prevent visibility and sunlight from getting in. This creates a dirty atmosphere that allows bacteria to run rampant.

With the use of glass cleaners, safety and hygiene standards can be easily maintained on windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces prone to grease and fingerprints.

When is glass cleaner used?

Glass cleaner can be used to clean and disinfect almost any reflective or shiny surface to leave a grease and streak-free finish. Glass cleaners can provide excellent results on:

• Glass (windows, doors, windscreens, etc.)
• Mirrors
• Tile
• Stainless steel
• Polished granite
• Ceramic

Types of glass cleaner

Cromwell offers a variety of smooth-surface cleaning products that deliver mark and streak-free results on just about any reflective surface. The three main types of reflective surface cleaner available include:

• Glass cleaner
• Mirror cleaner
• Ceramic tile cleaner

If you're looking for the right type of glass cleaner for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when choosing a glass cleaner

• Package type - Glass cleaners and mirror cleaners are commonly available in either spray bottles or aerosols. Both similar in functionality, spray bottles are generally better suited for use with a wipe-down cloth.

• Bottle size - Glass cleaners are typically available in 400ml or 750ml bottles. Bigger bottles generally provide greater value.

• Scent - Some glass cleaners leave a pleasant-smelling scent which can help improve the aroma of the product. From refreshing citrus to sweet floral scents, glass cleaners can greatly improve the scent of any room.

Glass cleaner jargon buster

ISO 14001 - This means the cleaner adheres to the criteria for environmental management, and the company follows a conscientious environmentally sustainable plan.