Hand Wash

Hand washing is a key component in keeping the working environment sanitary, especially in the post pandemic age. From antibacterial liquid soaps to heavy duty hand cleaners for industrial workers, Cromwell stocks a range of handwashes from names like Carex, SC Johnson Professional and many more to suit your needs.

What is hand wash?

Hand wash is usually a soap in liquid form that can be dispensed via a pump action bottle or wall mounted dispenser for easy and convenient cleaning of hands. Many contain antibacterial properties to leave hands feeling clean and hygienic. Some industrial hand washes are designed to deal with heavy grease, as found in mechanical or automotive sectors. These types of handwashes contain microbeads and a degreaser to breakdown grease and lift it away from the skin.

Why hand wash?

Keeping germs to a minimum is key to maintaining a healthy work environment, antibacterial washes do this by eliminating germs from the surface of the skin, via natural or synthetic cleaning agents. In the case of industrial hand washes, they are designed not only to cleanse but remove oil and grease from the skin.

When is hand wash used?

Washing your hands regularly is a crucial step whenever using the bathroom, preparing food or in between tasks. Hand wash should be used frequently throughout the day to keep your hands bacteria free.

Types of hand wash

• Antibacterial soap - A liquid soap that contains antibacterial agents, usually found in most washrooms they, feature either synthetic or natural antibacterial agents. They sometimes feature a moisturising element too to help prevent skin drying out.

• Industrial soaps - These can come in several forms, but liquid and crèmes tend to be fairly popular. They contain an abrasive agent like microbeads and a degreaser to help break down oil, grease, paints and other residues like tar or resin. These can be harsh on skin due to solvents being used, however there are some more skin friendly versions available.

Considerations when choosing a hand wash

• The application - For most domestic and office environments a simple antibacterial liquid soap will suffice. For heavy industrial environments then an industrial hand wash might be the best option. Be sure to consider moisturisers in the case of these types of soaps as they can dry out skin causing irritation. Some industrial hand cleaners have moisturising elements in their formula such as aloe extract or vitamin E.


How do I use industrial soaps?

Depending on the form of the soap, wet your hands, pump the soap from the dispenser and work into a lather, work into your hands as you would do normal soap and then rinse with water (repeat if required). Some industrial soaps like cremes allow you to lather without water, once finished, rinse with water and dry hands with either paper towels or with an air hand dryer.

Can industrial soaps cause irritation?

Yes, some heavy-duty hand cleaners can feature solvents which with prolonged usage can cause skin irritation. It is important to frequently use moisturisers with these kinds of soaps and to keep an eye on the health of your hands so that measures can be taken before a rash like dermatitis takes hold. If less damaging alternatives can be used then these should be sought after.