Unwanted pests can cause a number of domestic problems, ranging from bites and stings to household of office infestations. Arm yourself with the appropriate insecticides to prevent potential issues.

Cromwell stocks highly effective insecticides, perfect for removing and preventing annoying and dangerous pests alike - whether in the office or at home.

What are insecticides

Insecticides are used to effectively kill wasps, flies, mosquitos, and other flying pests with ease. They usually come in the form of fast-acting sprays which knock unwanted pests out of the air and instantly eliminate them.

Why insecticides

Insecticides are an effective way to remove and prevent unwanted insects from disturbing people, or worse - spreading bacteria and disease.
Mosquitos alone can host a range of deadly diseases, and bee or wasp stings could cause death if the person they sting is allergic. Having an insecticide spray on-hand could be the difference between you or a co-worker having an anaphylactic reaction.

Insecticide sprays can also prevent further infestations. By eliminating dangerous pests on-sight, you are preventing them from burying into carpets, walls, or fabrics and laying eggs, which could cause further problems down the line.


Can insecticides be used indoors?
Most insecticides are safe to use indoors and are loaded with a pleasant fragrance which prevents any chemical smells. Any type of biocide must be used with caution and not in excess, as this may cause harm. Only use in short bursts directed at flies, wasps, or other pests.

Are insecticides flammable?
Most insecticide sprays inherently contain highly flammable substances, so ensure they are used well away from any source of heat or fire.