Toilet Brushes

Toilet brushes are a great way to keep your toilet bowls clean and hygienic. In spite of their simplistic design there are several types of toilet brushes available, and you can find them in the Cromwell range of cleaning and hygiene products.

What are toilet brushes?

Toilet brushes are designed to clean the toilet bowl of debris keeping them clean and hygienic. They typically feature plastic bristles arranged in 360 degrees to offer complete coverage of the inside of the bowl allowing for complete cleaning of the bowl.

Why toilet brushes?

Over time debris and limescale can build up inside of the bowl and this can cause discolouration and stains to accumulate. The build-up of limescale can also be a breeding ground for germs, making for unsanitary conditions. Toilet brushes are a good way the scrub the inside of the toilet bowl as well as underneath the rim to help keep your toilets clean and hygienic.

Types of toilet brush

• Plastic - The most common type of toilet brush is the simple plastic brush. They are relatively cheap to buy and feature 360-degree bristles for all-round cleaning of the toilet bowl.

• Silicone - Silicone brushes have bristles that are way less dense than plastic bristles. This helps reduce the risk of gunk getting stuck in the bristles.

• Natural bristle - An eco-friendly toilet scrubbing solution, these usually feature bristles made of coconut fibre or a similar natural fibre.

• Scrub brushes - These brushes feature all the bristles on one side and are designed to scrub away difficult to remove debris.

Considerations when choosing a toilet brush

Whilst all toilet brushes perform the same function, the different types all have their individual features and benefits. For tougher to clean bowls a scrub brush will help remove more stubborn marks and debris.


What materials are toilet brushes made from?

Toilet brushes come in a wide range of materials, from plastic, to metal and wooden handles, even silicone.