Waste Bins

An essential hygiene product that contributes to wellbeing and overall cleanliness, waste bins contribute to a healthy work or home environment.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products, including quality waste bins of any type from leading brands such as Rubbermaid, GPC and Offis that are suitable for use at home or in the workplace.

What is a waste bin?

Waste bins are a container that is designed to store waste products and items for effective disposal.
Most waste bins are designed to be used with bin bags - thin plastic bags that can easily collaborate waste for easy cleaning and disposal.

Why buy waste bins?

It's no secret that every business, every home, and every individual produces a startling amount of waste and rubbish each year. If this waste isn't properly dealt with, it can lead to environmental issues, increased bacteria and disease spread, infestations - and not to mention the general unsightliness of having rubbish thrown everywhere.

Waste bins, therefore, are hugely important to everyday life. When a business provides the right kind of waste bins to their staff and customers, they can save an extraordinary amount of time and money on cleaning and janitorial tasks. Not to mention the aesthetics - because nothing says 'sloppy' or 'unappealing' like a build up of rubbish due to not enough bins or bins that are too small they're constantly overflowing.

The right type of bins can help businesses and individuals effectively dispose of waste with ease. Some bins provide recycling options, which can help the planet and prevent unnecessary landfill.

When are waste bins used?

Waste bins should be effectively placed inside and outside buildings of any kind to keep waste disposal quick and easy. Since bins are used in buildings of any kind, it's important to ensure your bins are the right size and type for your, or your companies' usage.

Need a hand choosing the right waste bins or waste disposal solutions for you? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised and free advice to help you find the right solutions for your home, office, or workspace.

Waste bin types

• Recycling bin - These bins are identified by either a green colour or the presence of a recycling symbol. They are an easy way of separating your domestic, general waste from your recyclable materials.

• Wheelie bin - Easility identified by their two large wheels, wheelie bins generally have a large capacity and are commonly found in domestic and industrial settings due to their manoeuvrability.

• Swing bin - Swing bins are defined by their lids which are hinged and quite literally swing open when pushed and swing back to shut. They are used in kitchens, offices, warehouses, schools and domestic environments.

• Waste basket - Generally smaller than a bin, waste baskets are ideal for dotting around offices or placing under desks. Their small stature makes them ideal for individual use or for smaller workspaces with less personnel.

Considerations when choosing waste bins

When choosing a waste bin, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best product for your needs:

• Capacity - Bigger bins can hold more waste, and are therefore more effective for heavy usage, or in places where customers or members of the public can use the bins. Waste bins that are too small will result in overflowing waste and unnecessary trash build-up, so ensure your bins are fit for usage.

• Recycling - Many bins offer recycling options, allowing users to separate glass, plastic, and other products from their general waste to promote sustainability. This can have a tremendous impact on reducing overall landfill waste.

• Lid - Bins with lids can help prevent odours from creeping out into the open. This is especially useful in kitchens or wherever there is likely to be food waste.

• Colour - Cromwell stocks a varied range of waste management solutions, available in a range of colours to enhance visibility and promote usage. We stock a number of colours to suit any type of domestic or industrial usage.

Waste bins jargon buster

We want to make it easier for you to shop our range of waste bins, so we've outlined and described some key terminology to help you make a confident purchasing decision.

What is a pedal bin?

A pedal bin is simply any size waste bin that is opened and closed via a pedal which operates the lid. These are useful in environments where sterility is a must, such as bathrooms, surgical rooms and hospitals, as they are designed for operation without your hands.


What do the different colour bins mean?

All bins come in various colours and the colour denotes what type of waste is allowed to be put in each bin. In terms of domestic waste, this is usually determined by your local authority and if you are unsure as to what kind of waste is alowed in which bin, you can find more information on this on your local authority website.