Window Vacuums

Presentation at the workplace is key, and everyone wants to work in a clean environment. Window vacuums are ideal for keeping windows free of streak marks, dirt and grease. At Cromwell, we offer window vacuums by Karcher®.

What are window vacuums?

Window vacuums are handheld vacuum cleaners that are ideal for use on windows and other smooth surfaces such as tiling, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

When are window vacuums used?

Window vacuums are used in offices, hospitals, workshops, garages and domestic settings. Essentially, wherever windows are easily accessible, window vacuums are an ideal tool.

Considerations when choosing a window vacuum

• Size - Consider the size of the vacuum before purchasing, as it is a handheld tool that will need to be lifted from window to window. Larger models will cover more surface area for example, but may be harder to lift.

• Run time - Different vacuums have different run times, and it isn't ideal to have to charge it halfway through a long job, so ensure to choose a vacuum with a good run time.

Chemical protective clothing jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better:
Why does the battery type matter?
Different battery types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, lithium-ion batteries have high voltage outputs and are lightweight, but can begin to slow down after years of use.


What is the water capacity on window vacuums for?
Window vacuums excel at removing moisture from glass surfaces, which is then stored in a dirty water tank ready for disposal.
Can window vacuums clean up spills, or just small levels of moisture?
Window vacuums are the perfect tool for cleaning up water, juice and wine spills in one simple motion. They leave the surface underneath clean, smooth and undamaged without staining it.

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