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Intenss™ Pro-Die M42 Bandsaw Blade

37 Variations

Featuring the longevity and chip clearing advantages of bi-metal unique saw technology, Intenss™ PRO-DIE is available in a variety of tooth pitches and is ideal for contour and general purpose cutting on horizontal and vertical machines.

Features and benefits
• Split Chip Advantage Technology that allows for faster cutting rates and increased blade life
• Resists heat, abrasion and shock allowing for faster cutting
• Longer life and faster cutting with less feed
• Resists heat, abrasion and shock, allowing faster cutting rates
• Designed for use on horizontal and vertical machines
• Triple tempered M-42 cobalt high speed steel teeth combined with a fatigue resistant alloy steel backing strip
• Various sizes available

Typical Applications
• Ideal for contour and general purpose cutting of tool
• Die and mold steels
• Stainless steels
• Nickel based alloys
• Non-ferrous alloys
• Low alloy
• Aluminium

• Formerly known as Powerband Die-Pro M42