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Series 5510 Carbide Ratio Drill - Inch

5 Variations

For the drilling of long and short-chipping materials such as structural and case hardened steels, cast steels, heat-treatable steels and
alloyed steels with a tensile strength of up to app. 1200N/mm2, including carbon steels, bronze, cast iron and high alloyed AISi-alloys.
Highest speed and feed rates possible (see Guroguide). High alignment accuracy with small diameter tolerance and excellent surface finish.
Excellent self-centring qualities as well as producing short chips thanks to a concave cutting point geometry and web thinning.
Pre-conditions for use.
Powerful machines, no play in spindle bearings, alignment accurate tool holders. Max. concentricity error of clamped tools: 0.02mm. Chatter-free, mechanical feeds.
Ratio drills with internal cooling are also available with straight shank but without whistle notch flats for the application in hydraulic chucks.
Point angle: 140,
tolerance of diameter: m7,
tolerance of shank: h6.
Manufactured to DIN 6537.