Die Stocks

Browse the range of die-stocks and cutting tools from Cromwell, featuring well know brands such as Dormer and Kennedy. Made from quality materials like high-speed steel and available in a range of sizes, you'll be sure to find the right tool for your threading needs.

What are die-stocks?

Also known as die holders, die stocks are designed to fit and turn dies to create threading on metal materials and components like fasteners and pipes.

They can hold a range of different sizes and are manufactured to be compatible with hex and split dies. Their t-handle design allows for easy turning of the die, whilst their knurled handles provide good grip for the user. They typically feature three screws that lock into the die into place for accurate threading.

Why use a die stock?

Because die-stocks lock the die into place, they can be relied on to produce highly accurate threads as well as for re-threading damaged threads on components like fasteners.

Considerations when choosing a die-stock

Die-stocks come in a range of sizes, both metric and imperial. To ensure that you select the right die-stock, you must ensure that its sizing is compatible with the die you intend to use the tool with.


What are die-stocks made from?

Die-stocks like dies are manufactured from durable metals such as high-speed steel or tooling steel. This allows them greater durability and a long tool lifespan.