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Drill Blanks

Drill blanks are a versatile addition to any garage or workshop, allowing users across all kinds of industries to accurately measure hole diameters and create custom drills or punches.

Cromwell stocks a broad range of drill blanks in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit any requirement.

What are drill blanks?

Drill blanks are made from HSS (high speed steel) and resemble standard drill bits without any grooves or cut outs.

Why buy drill blanks?

Drill blanks are highly versatile and can be used for a number of tasks. They are most commonly used as gauges for checking hole or drill bushing sizes, or as guide pins for die sets.

Besides this, drill blanks can be forged into custom tools or bits on and can be modified to create drills or punches that are specialised to any task, via the use of a lathe or another suitable machine.

They are made from high-quality HSS, meaning they are suitable for use at high cutting speeds without any problems.

When are drill blanks used?

Drill blanks have a few key uses throughout a number of drilling applications. These include:

• Accurately sizing holes

• Manufacturing special cutting tools

• Pilots for counterbores / countersinks

• Stock for router bits and other small tools

• Can be used for drifts, punches, gauges, locating pins, spindles, rollers, and more

Wondering if a drill blank is the right tool for your application? Feel free to talk to our experts for personalised and professional advice.

Considerations when choosing a drill blank

Length - Drill blanks are usually sold in sets of incremental diameters, allowing users to find a precise reference measurement for any hole. Length is also a factor, as longer drill blanks enable users to check if a hole diameter is consistent in deeper holes.


What are drill blanks used for?

Drill blanks are used for gauging the diameter of a drilled hole or for forging custom tools and drill bits.

How to cut drill bits?

Cutting custom tools from drill blanks is easily done via the use of a lathe.