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A4™ Grooving and Turning Inserts Grade KC5025

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A4™ Grooving and Turning Inserts

Grade Name: KC5025
Insert Material: CARBIDE - PVD COATED
ISO Range: P20-30 M20-30 K20-30 N20-30 S20-30
ANSI Range: C6 C2
Coating Description: TiAlN
Grade Description: 'For general purpose machining of most steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, titanium, irons, and non-ferrous materials. Speeds may vary from low to medium, and will handle interruptions and high feed rates.

Kennametal, the trusted innovator in metal cutting technology, introduced a new era in tooling. Harnessing advanced science and exceptional experience, they have gone more than a cut above - and created 'Beyond', their next generation, ultra-performance tooling platform. This powerful collection delivers unheard of levels of productivity, efficiency, dependability, and profitability. And beyond.

Higher productivity & profitability - up to 30% higher
l) Achieve higher metal removal rate (speed, feed, and depth-of-cut).
2) Gain longer tool life.

l) Products can be applied across a wide range of applications.
2) Can be used in low to high-speed applications.

l) Products deliver uniform wear for predictable tool life.
2) Achieve reduced depth-of-cut notching.
3) Virtually eliminate chip flow damage.

Complete Portfolio
l) The Beyond product portfolio can be used in a complete range of steel, cast iron, and stainless steel ISO turning workpieces.