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Helido H490 E90AX...12 Indexable Face Mills

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H490 F90AX - 12 Face Mills
Face Mills with double-sided inserts, diameter range 40 - 100mm.

The new HELIDO H490 ANKX rectangular inserts have 4 helical right-hand positive cutting edges. They were designed in cutting edge lengths of 9, 12 and 17 mm. Insert construction is very thick and strong; clamped into a dovetail inclined pocket which provides a very rigid clamping and has a wiper which leaves an excellent surface finish. Due to its strong construction, unique chip deflector with positive cutting angles and excellent grade combinations, this new family features high durability, low cutting forces and long tool life. Our most advanced SUMO TEC grades ensure excellent performance and reliability. The new HELIDO tools can be used for machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron at very high machining parameters. HELIDO's state-of-the-art of milling insert design, enables excellent performance and extremely high productivity.
H490 - A new family of double-sided inserts with 4 helical cutting edges