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Shell Milling Cutter - Square Shoulder

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The S90TN16-C ECON TN Shoulder End Milling Cutter is a square shoulder shell milling cutter designed for precision machining. It features a double negative geometry using TNGX 1606 double-sided inserts. With a cutting diameter of 100mm, a 90° approach angle, and a 32mm connection bore conforming to DIN 8030-A standards, this cutter is ideal for face milling, shallow shoulder milling, shallow slot milling, and helical milling in pre-machined holes. The tool offers a 50mm protrusion length, through-coolant capability, and a differential pitch, enhancing its performance in various milling applications.

Features and Benefits
• Higher number of teeth for greater productivity
• Differential pitch available for smooth machining

Typical Applications
• N - Non-ferrous metals (metals including alloys without an appreciable amount of iron)
• P - Steel and cast steel (steels with alloy content ≤ 10% and a hardness of < 45HRC)