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Iscar Indexable Face & End Mills

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Iscar is introducing a new family of milling tools that use tangentially clamped inserts with two helical cutting edges. TheT290 LNMT....TR inserts are the next evolution of Iscar's most popular HELIMILL? inserts.

These new SumoMill? T290 inserts are available in cutting edge lengths of 5 and 10mm. As a result of their tangential orientation in the pocket, the inserts enable tool design with larger core diameters than tools with regular, radially oriented inserts.

This provides a much stronger tool construction, which sustains a higher impact load and reduces the risk of fracture to a minimum.

Tangential clamping mechanism enables the resultant cutting force to be transmitted directly to the cutter body, without applying or adding any undesired stress to the tightening screw. The tangential clamping configuration also offers a higher insert density.

Designed with axial and tangential angles that are significantly larger, in comparison to other tools that utilise conventional laydown inserts. This unique design leads to a major reduction in cutting forces, improves tool stability and prolongs life of the cutting edge.

High feed rates combined with a large number of of cutting edges deliver more output and increase productivity.

The SumoMill T290 convex shaped insert with its unique tangential orientation enabled the development of small diameter cutting tools of even 8mm diameter.
The stable condition during the cutting operation prolongs tool life and improves the obtained surface finish.

The SumoMill T290 is the only tool available in the market that is capable of performing rampdown milling operations with tangential inserts.

For all technical and dimensional specifications please refer to our catalogue.