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ISO Adaptors

Our selection of ISO adaptors includes a huge range of tool holders from alternatively shaped tool holder adaptors to cutting units for turning, all of which are of exceptional quality and crafted with expertise. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of adaptors and toolholders from the leading brand Sandvik Coromant©, to guarantee superior performance, durability and knowledge.

What are ISO adaptors?

ISO adaptors and tool holders make metalworking easy and quick by allowing compatibility with other tools and quick changeovers from shanks. ISO refers to the naming system of adaptors and tool holders. The system is designed so that each crucial feature and dimension of the toolholder or adaptor is shown using a code system and thus becomes the name of the product. It allows for users to easily understand what toolholder, turning tool or ISO adaptor is best for their metalworking application. The ISO adaptors have to have incredible accuracy and intricate dimensions because they influence and define the cutting tool's quality of work.

When are ISO adaptors used?

ISO adaptors and tool holders are standard terms used to refer to the application that is required to mount cutting tools in and on machine and power-tool operating equipment. For any sort of indexable cutting tool that connects to a machine, adaptors and tool holders are essential to guarantee brilliant quality and output.

Considerations when choosing an ISO adaptor

The ISO system - In order to understand the type of adaptor you may need for the machinery in question, it is important to first understand how the system of naming works. The system can be composed of many different elements that define the adaptor's design, including the clamp, insert shape, tool type and clearance angle, cutting direction, shank height, tool length, and cutting edge length which all have their own letter keys. It is recommended that when buying adaptors, research is undertaken to determine the best product for the machine and purpose, because each operational machine will have different requirements and dimensions.


*Are adaptors and tool holders necessary? *

Yes. ISO adaptors and tool holders are crucial for effective and safe connections between high-speed cutting and metal working tools and a machine. The correct adaptor can completely define the precision of the cutting tool whilst hugely affecting the entire machine's quality of output. That is why at Cromwell we supply excellent quality adaptors which are crafted with superior expertise.