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AOMT Milling Inserts Grade VP20RT

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AOMT Milling Inserts

Mitsubishi APX4000 Milling inserts have been developed using advanced simulation technology to produce a new 15mm insert is suitable for larger depths of cut. The new insert is also thicker and therefore ideal for high load machining they are also:
Efficient when machining on low rigidity machines or work pieces and they are ideal for thin wall or extended reach applications.
They have efficient heat disposal and chip control, heat generated during cutting has been reduced due to the APX's special geometry. Ideal chip shape formed by the insert for easy disposal.

Insert Grades
VP20RT (M20-M30) - PVD ''Miracle'' Coated Milling Grade. Offers increased heat resistance and adhesion strength for excellent results when machining Stainless Steels.