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TGFH/R/L Blades

31 Variations

Iscar blades stand out as specialized tools meticulously crafted for compatibility with TANG-GRIP single-ended inserts. Engineered with a focus on robust clamping, these blades empower machining processes at exceptionally high speeds, guaranteeing superior straightness and a polished surface finish. The intricately designed and precisely manufactured blades establish themselves as a dependable option for applications demanding high-speed machining. Their consistent performance and commitment to delivering quality results make Iscar blades a reliable and preferred choice for professionals seeking efficiency and precision in their machining endeavors.

Features and Benefits
• Very long product lifespan
• Extremely rigid clamp
• High feed rate machining
• Consistent results

Typical Applications
• Parting
• Grooving
• Ideal for large diameter and interrupted cuts