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Metric Coarse HSS Ground Thread Straight Flute Plug Taps

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Sherwood HSS Plug Taps are the ideal option for through hole tapping in most materials including steel, some stainless steels, cast irons and non-ferrous materials such as Aluminium, Brass and many others.

Sherwood Tap dimensions conform to ISO529 apart from NPT Forms which conform to ANSI 94.9. Straight Flute and Fluteless Taps are manufactured with a standard Bright Finish.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from durable high speed steel
• Precision ground flutes for accurate thread cutting
• Features class 2 thread forms with medium fit tolerance
• Manufactured with a bright finish
• Ideal for through hole tapping applications

Typical Applications
• Through hole tapping
• Tapping
• Steel
• Brass
• Aluminium
• Engineering
• Manufacturing

• Tap dimensions to ISO529
• Thread Forms are Class 2 medium fit tolerance
• Straight Flute Individual Sizes IS0 529

• Available in sizes 1.0 x 0.25mm - 48 x 5.00mm
• (1) Diameter and pitch not mentioned in ISO