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VCGT AS Turning Inserts Grade IC20

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VCGT AS Turning Inserts are a 35° Rhombic Insert with a 7° positive flank, very positive rake angle and sharp cutting edge for machining aluminum.

Features and Benefits
• Sharp cutting edge for optimum cutting performance
• Carbide construction for strength and rigidity
• Heat and wear resistant properties for prolonged tool life

Typical Applications
• Turning
• Stainless steel
• Cast iron
• Hardened steel
• High-temperature alloy steel
• Nonferrous metal

• Insert Grade IC20
• ISO Range - (M10-M25)(K10-K20)(H05-H15)(S05-S20)(N05-N25)

An uncoated grade for semifinishing, finishing and semiroughing of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel.