Cabinet, Decorative & Display Lighting

Decorative and display lighting has been designed to gently illuminate areas such as hallways, bedrooms and cabinets. They are commonly used to accentuate ornaments, plants or, more functionally, signs in public places. At Cromwell, we offer decorative and display lighting from SMJ®.

Why decorative & display lighting?

Decorative and display lighting is ideal for illuminating displays in cabinets and other decorative purposes. They are also commonly used in children's bedrooms as they produce a gentle nightlight and have sensors that can turn the light off automatically when not needed.

Decorative & display lighting types

Photocell   -   Photocell lights have 'dusk til dawn' sensors that that turn on the light when needed, and save power by turning the light off when it is bright.


How do photocell lights work?
The photocell light senses the levels of brightness. At dusk, when light levels reduce, the light switches on. At dawn as the brightness level increases, the light switches itself off.

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