Floor Boxes

Maximise space and ensure all required personnel have access to a power outlet with floor boxes. Floor boxes, floor sockets and floor outlets all serve the purpose of housing power outlets safely, neatly and efficiently. Here at Cromwell, we have a choice selection of floor boxes from leading brand MK Electric.

Why floor boxes?

Floor boxes is the general term used to encapsulate a type of product that is designed for protecting electrical outlets, wiring and sockets that are placed at floor level. These can be in the form of a cavity floor box, floor sockets or socket plates as well as lidded floor boxes. The purpose of floor boxes is to give you additional access to power via outlets on the floor, whilst keeping the sockets protected and users safe. Floor boxes are a good way of maximising sockets within a space for example in offices, schools or other industrial spaces with desks where it would be beneficial to have sockets built into the floor for additional access to power.

Floor boxes types

Floor boxes is a general term that is often used to describe not only the physical box that houses the power outlet or sockets, but also the power outlets themselves. It is sometimes used in conjunction or interchangeably with the term floor sockets, even where the outlet doesn't feature a box. Below, we've outlined the main types of floor boxes and floor sockets/outlets that are used to make it easier for you to shop our range of products.

Floor sockets   -   Often used interchangeably with the term socket plates, floor sockets are socket plates that are designed specifically for installation into floors. They often feature hinged flaps to cover the sockets and can be purchased with or without switches depending on your requirements.

Socket plates   -   Socket plates are designed to protect the socket itself from damage as well as ensuring foreign objects aren't placed into the electrical components inside to maximise safety. These come in a variety of colours and styles, have switches and one or multiple socket outlets.

Cavity floor boxes   -   Usually supplied with pre-cut holes, cavity floor boxes are an empty plastic box, usually manufactured from plastic and designed for you to insert switches, sockets or other electrical components. They often have a hinged lid to keep sockets or electrical components safe, protected and neat when not in use.


Can you have plug sockets in the floor?

Absolutely. In spaces such as offices, airports or schools where multiple power outlets are needed regularly, having power outlets on the floor in a floor box can be extremely useful. The wiring can be stored under the box, with the outlet housed conveniently and in a tidy manner inside the box or underneath the hinged lid. It's always best to hire a professional, trained electrician to install floor sockets to maximise safety.

What is a floor outlet and is it the same as a floor box?

The terms floor outlet, floor socket and floor box are often used interchangeably to simply refer to a power outlet that is designed specifically for being installed into the floor. The only difference is that floor boxes are - as they sound - a box, as opposed to a plate which most floor outlets are.

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