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LED Lamps - CorePro LEDBulb B22 Series

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These CorePro LEDBulbs are designed to be direct retrofit replacements for your old incandescent bulbs, with fittings to be interchangeable with an B22holder. With an impressive 15,000 hour life, and being rated at A+ efficiency, these are great savers in both energy and money. The warm white rendering at 2700k colour temperature gives beautiful light and offers dependable performance.

Features and Benefits:
• A+ energy rated so you know you`re getting the best efficiency from the product
• 15,000 hours of life time to cut down on replacements
• 2700k Colour temperature to give that lighter, warm white rendering
• Direct retrofit for B22 fixings making them straight replacements
• Unique bulb shape to give light in all directions

Typical Applications:
• General Lighting
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Walkways and entryways