Light Curtains

Light curtains also known as safety light barriers or light safety screens are a safety device used to protect the workforce from hazards and danger, whilst also protect machinery from damage. Here at Cromwell, we have selection of light curtains available from leading Supplier ABB.

Why light curtains?

Safety light curtains are a safety devices that are used protect create light barriers that guard people from hazardous environments and protect machinery but creating safety perimeters and access points. If any of the light curtain or light screens becomes blocked or broken will cause any connected machinery or devices to instantly cut off and stop the machine, making light curtains an ideal alternative to traditional machine guards and mechanical barriers.

Light curtain types?

There are two main types of light curtains:
Type 2  -   This is designed for situations where the level of risk is considerably lower. Type 2 light curtains will test their internal circuits periodically if a failure was to occur between these tests it would only detect after the next test. They are much cheaper than type 4 safety light curtains and can only detect body and hand protection.

Type 4  -   Used in situations where the level of risk is high and safety standards must be adhered to. Type 4 light curtains are characterized by automated repetitive, cross-checking for errors and faults. If n issue arises an immediate signal will lockdown the machinery. They are more expensive than type 2 light curtains and can detect bodies, fingers, and hands.


How does a light curtain operate as a safety barrier?
The design of a safety light curtains consist of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter transmits an infrared beams to the receiver. If one or more of the light beams are disrupted or interrupted , a dual output stop signal is given to stop the machine.

Where are safety curtains used?
Light curtains are used in a range of applications in industrial and machinery environments that include process machinery, automated warehouses, production and packaging, electronic component production, hydraulic and mechanical production.