Clout Nails

Clout Nails Also know as roofing nails, clout nails are short thick nails, primarily used for attaching sheet materials to wooden frames. Cromwell stock a range of clout nails form brands like Matlock and Perry.

What are clout nails?

Clout nails are primarily used in roofing applications and feature a short stout point and a large head. Some are smooth whilst others have angular rings on the shank making them less susceptible to being pulled out. They are typically manufactured from a galvanised mild steel, although copper is sometimes used.

Types of clout nails

Smooth - These are the standard type of clout nails.

Ringed - These are used in exterior roofing applications and are designed to be more difficult to remove.

Considerations when choosing clout nails

Size - Like most fasteners the size of the clout nail is important for the application you intend to use them for.

Material - Many clout nails are galvanised for use outdoors to help resist corrosion.