Hex Bolts

Hex bolts also known as hexagon bolts or head bolts are available in a range of material, sizes and finishes to suit your application needs. Here at Cromwell we stock a large range of hex bolts from suppliers Worksop, Qualfast, Thomas Smith Fasteners, and Kobe Red Line.

What are Hex Bolts?

Hex Bolts are a type of fixing fastener bolt that is easily identifiable by their hexagonal six-sided head appearance. Using rotational force, a hex bolt can be driven firmly into place to securely hold fixings. Hex bolts are highly versatile as the shape of the hex bolt head allows it to be easily gripped using a variety of tools and from various different angles. Hex bolts can be used with nuts or pre-made holes and the shaft of a hex bolt can be either partially or fully threaded.

When are Hex Bolts used?

Hex Bolts are used in a wide array of applications and industries:
• Construction
• Machinery
• Maintenance
• Engineering
• Automotive
• Metal
• Wood

Considerations when choosing a hex bolt

Thread Size  -    There is a large range of hex bolt sizes available. Selection of the thread size you will require will be dependent on the size of the hole you intend to use it for.
Material  -    Hex bolts are predominantly available in steel and stainless steels however they are also available in different materials that include brass, nylon, titanium and aluminium, selection should be based on your intended application.
Thread Type  -    Hex bolts are highly versatile and made in different thread types to suit a range of applications - these include metric, imperial, UNC, UNF and BSW.


How do you measure the length of a hex bolt?

The length of the hex bolt is measured from under the head to the end of the thread.