Masonry Anchors & Fixings

Masonry anchors and fixings are used in all types of masonry applications such as brick, concrete and block fixing. Here at Cromwell, we stock a range of types, thread sizes and lengths from suppliers such as Rawl, Forgefix and Qualfast.

Why Masonry anchors and fixings?

Masonry anchors and fixings commonly known as anchor bolts, lipped drop in anchors and expanding plugs are specifically used to attach steel structural elements to concrete. They are strong, robust and hardwearing solution for all masonry affixing.

Masonry anchors and fixing types

Through bolt  -   This type of bolt is designed to pass through all the layers and thickness then secured with a nut at the other end.
Wedge anchor  -   This is a mechanical expansion anchor that consists of four parts: a threaded anchor body, a nut, washer and expansion clip. It is specifically designed to be used with concrete but has the most consistent hold.
Expanding plug  -   This type of plug anchors itself against the drill hole wall once the screw starts to rotate as the internal cone expands and fixes in place.
Lipped drop in anchors  -   These fixings have a lip that runs around the threaded edge which allows it sit flush to the surface removing the need for all holes to be drilled to a precise depth.


What materials are masonry anchors and fixing made of?
The main type of material masonry anchors and fixing they are made of is steel, stainless steel and copper.

Can a lipped drop in anchors be removed?
Due to the design of a lipped drop-in anchors, once set it is unable to be removed without cannot be causing damage to the concrete surface.