Masonry Nails

Masonry nails are fasteners designed to penetrate concrete. Cromwell stock a range of masonry nails from brands like Matlock.

What are masonry nails?

Masonry nails are a type of nail that is designed to be used with concrete and brickwork. They are typically made from galvanised, hardened steel, helping to reduce oxidation and corrosion.

Types of masonry nails

Round - These are the most common type of masonry nail. They are typically used in day-to-day concrete work and are the most budget friendly version of this type of nail.

Square - Typically made with a rustproof zinc coating, square masonry nails are very similar in function to their round counterpart, their only main difference is shape.

Fluted - Either round or square in shape, fluted nails feature textured shafts, increasing the purchase the nail has in the surface.

Considerations when choosing masonry nails

Size - As with most fastening the length and diameter of the nail determines its usage in an application.

Flutes - Does the nail require extra purchase in the concrete, if so fluted nails might be the best call.


Can masonry nails be used to mount weight?

Fluted nails can be used to nail heavy items down or mount lightweight items to a vertical surface. Remember they are not screws, mounting items designed to carry weight should be achieved using screws or bolts, not nails.

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