Nailer & Brad Nails

Brad nails are primarily used with a brad nail gun and are used in applications like panel installation and decorative trim. Cromwell stocks a range of brad nails from brands like Rapesco, Arrow Fastening and Matlock.

What are brad nails?

Brad nails are smaller than finishing nails and are typically formed from a fine, 18-21 gauge wire. They have less holding strength than finishing nails which makes them more suited to use in decorative applications. Their size is designed to help eliminate surface splitting and allows them to be concealed easier.

Types of brad nails

18 gauge - These are the most common size of brand nail and are mostly used for panelling and trim applications.

21 Gauge - These are less common and designed for more delicate trimming applications, as they are smaller and thinner than their 18-gauge counterparts.

Considerations when choosing brad nails

Gauge - by far the most common gauge is 18, this is suitable for most applications, however 21 gauge may be suited to more delicate applications if required.

Length - The length you require will depend on the depth of the surface you are nailing, thicker workpieces can hold deeper nails, whilst thinner pieces require shorter nails.


What's the difference between a brad nail and a finishing nail?

Namely, gauge. Finishing nails despite their name are actually thicker than brad nails 15,16 gauge and therefore can handle more weight.