Panel Pins

Panel pins are small woodworking fasteners designed for a range of applications. Cromwell stock a range of panel pins from brands like Matlock.

What are panel pins?

Panel pins are a type of nail that is small round and lightweight. They are typically made out of nail wire and are used in applications like picture frames, or cabinet fixings.

Types of panel pins

• Panel pins are a type of push pin and feature a countersunk head to allot them to sit flush with a surface.

Considerations when choosing panel pins

Size - As with most fastening the length and diameter of the pin determines its usage in an application.


Can panel pins be used to mount picture frames?

Providing the frame is of a light weight then, yes.

How do I apply panel pins?

Panel pins can be pushed in some of the way by hand however on harder surfaces a light tapping with a tack hammer should suffice to drive them into the workpiece or surface.