Wire Nails

At Cromwell, we stock a wide range of wire nails, which come in various sizes, length, widths, and pack quantities from popular brands such as Matlock® and Perry®.

What are wire nails?

They typically feature a round shank and head that work with hammers, air guns, and other tools with similar striking characteristics. Wire nails are made by a machine and is uniformly round in section, straight, and sharp. As a result of their strength, wire nails can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

When are wire nails used?

The most common use of wire nails is for very rough and heavy woodwork. It can be used as a finishing nail if the head is small, or it can be used to hold two-by-fours for wall framing if it is larger. In addition to fixing general purpose items, wire nails can also be used to construct pallets and roof trusses.

Considerations when choosing wire nails

Choosing the right wire nail is important to ensure maximum durability and grip force, so make sure you consider the following factors:

• Nail size and length - Sizes range from 25mm to 150mm.

• Head shape - Most wire nails have a round face, but there are other head shapes such as oval that are less likely to split wood.


How do you remove wire nails?

Removing wire nails has to be done carefully to prevent damage. If you are unable to remove using a hammer, try end-cutting pliers to grip the nail and rock the cutters back and forth. Remove the entire nail by removing it all the way down to its base.