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Loc Line

Modular Coolant Hose Systems and Kits

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With its unique modular design, the Loc-Line hose system is the ultimate way to fully customise your hose to suit your needs. Suited for use with coolants, fluids and air lines, these kits allow you to select the nozzle, extenders and hoses that best suit your requirements. Suitable for all wet machining, spark erosion and air line operations up to 50PSI air and 30PSI liquid. Flow direction is easily and accurately positioned with no spring-back due to the modular, moveable nature of the product. Manufactured from acetal in the instantly recognisable blue and orange colours of the Loc-Line brand, each product is durable and built to last.

Features and Benefits
• Offers several add on options for your current Loc-Line system as well as the classic starter hose kits depending on your needs
• Allows you to customise the product to suit your needs depending on size and specifications required
• Manufactured from Acetal, which is both non-conductive and corrosion resistant
• All parts are fully replaceable and interchangeable allowing you to keep your hose working efficiently

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use in the agricultural industry to promote even water flow, automotive industries as either a vessel for coolant, air or water as well as in general woodworking