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Drain Clearance

Maintenance is an important part of the plumbing trade, and a good plumber should always have drain cleaning tools in their kit. Drain cleaning tools have evolved since the days of the old reliable plunger, and now include pressure washer attachments and cordless power tools.

Here at Cromwell, we stock a choice of drain cleaning tools from reliable brands like Monument® and our own brand, Kennedy®.

What are drain cleaning tools?

Dealing with a blocked drain can be an unpleasant business. All kinds of dirt and debris can find their way into drainpipes and prevent the flow of water. Drain cleaning tools are designed to tackle these blockages head-on, completely removing them from the drain so they can go in the bin where they belong.

Drain cleaning tool types

Each type of drain cleaning tool has its own cleaning method. Most use pressure to loosen and push or pull the blockage through the pipe. Others are wound down the pipe in a corkscrew motion to collect debris and pull it up and out of the drain. Others, like the drain rod are simply fed down the pipe, pushing the blockage out of the other end.

• Drain Rod   -   A series of interconnecting rods that are pushed down the blocked drain

• Drain Unblocker   -   A winding mechanism attaches to a steel cable with an end coil to collect debris

• Force Pump   -   Features a pump system to generate pressure to force out blockages

• Plunger   -   Seals against the drain and generates pulling pressure to remove blockages

• Power Plunger   -   Trigger mechanism and different heads create a shockwave to loosen blockages

• Cordless Drain Cleaner   -   Similar to the drain unblocker, but with the strength of a power tool

• Pressure Drain Cleaning Kit   -   Designed to attach to a pressure washer and clears drains and gutters

Considerations when choosing drain cleaning tools

Clog type - the dirt that makes up the clog gives a good indicator on how to deal with it. Hair clogs in the shower, for example, can be removed using a drain unblocker or a drain rod system.

Pipe size - this will determine the cable diameter or hose size required to treat it.

Pipe length - you have no way of knowing where the blockage is located in the pipe, so being prepared to run the cleaning tool along the entire length of the pipe is a must.

Nature of the clog - Serious clogging may require power tools or jet cleaning to clear it.


Can drain rods damage pipes?

Drain rods are an extremely handy tool when removing blockages. However, it's important that you use them with care. Being too rough when trying to remove a blockage with rods can scratch and chip the pipe, which can lead to further damage like leaks and corrosion setting in, which are far more expensive to remedy.

How do you unblock a sink when a plunger doesn't work?

It's important that you use the right cleaning tool for the type of blockage. Clogs made up of hair or food waste may require a rod system to push them through. While grease or similar clogs respond well to flushing with a pressure spray. When in doubt, call in a professional.