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Drain Test Bung

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Introducing the Kennedy Drain Test Plugs, alternatively known as drain stoppers, engineered for optimal performance in securing watertight seals within pipes. Crafted with precision, these plugs feature two robust steel plates enveloping a resilient rubber insert. The central steel wing nut serves as a pivotal component, tightening the plates together to compel the rubber to expand, ensuring an impermeable seal within the pipe. For added versatility, the center cap can be effortlessly replaced with a test nipple, allowing users to conduct pressure tests on the pipe using a drain test kit. Elevate your plumbing and testing capabilities with the reliability and efficiency of Kennedy Drain Test Plugs, a trusted solution for sealing and assessing pipes with utmost precision.

Features and Benefits
• Crafted with precision, these plugs comprise two sturdy steel plates surrounding a resilient rubber insert
• The central steel wing nut facilitates a secure seal by tightening the plates, causing the rubber to expand within the pipe
• Effortless replacement of the centre cap with a test nipple, enabling pressure tests using a drain test kit
• Used to pressure test or temporarily seal the end of an open pipe
• Material: Steel/Rubber
• Prevents the ingress of water, gases or rodents
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