Garden Shears

Discover our collection of high-quality garden shears online. We stock a wide variety of shears to keep your hedges, lawns and plants looking their best. Extremely user-friendly with comfortable grips, some designs also feature telescopic handles for an extended reach to cover all manner of pruning and trimming tasks. All shears are extremely sharp for fast and accurate cutting, with safety locks to keep fingers safe.

Our garden shears are carefully chosen from quality suppliers like Spear & Jackson®, Bulldog®, and our own brand Rutland®.

What are garden shears?

Shears are similar in appearance to a large pair of scissors and are available in different styles and shapes.

Why buy garden shears?

Used to prune and cut branches and stems, garden shears are an essential garden tool for all seasons.

Garden shear types

While garden shears are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes, there are two main types of shear used to tackle different garden jobs.

• Bypass shears   -   This type of shear uses a scissor action to make a cut. Just like a pair of scissors, both blades are sharp and bypass one another to provide a clean and accurate cut. Ideal for cutting young stems and general pruning.

• Anvil shears   -   This type requires less force and uses a crushing action to chop through plant material. They consist of a sharp blade and a flat blade, and the cutting is forced onto the sharp blade by the flat blade. Ideal for cutting dead wood and sturdy branches.

Considerations when choosing garden shears

• Application - the difference between general pruning and cutting tough or dead material requires two different shears.

• Size - shears can differ in the blade and handle length, while some have extendable handles to enable a longer reach.

• Weight - it's often a good idea to handle shears before you buy them to get a feel for their weight. Shears that are too heavy for an individual to use will be a disappointment and a waste of money.

• Grip - these can be cushioned or slip-resistant.


How do you sharpen garden shears at home?

Some shears can be taken apart for easy cleaning and sharpening, which makes the task much easier. First clean the blades to remove any dirt and debris, then using steel wool remove all rust. After this has been completed, rinse and dry.

To sharpen, secure the shears (if you can) using a vice or clamps. Take a metal file and position it against the bevel of the blade (approximately a 20° angle) and in a single sweeping motion push the file from the central point of the shears and up to the point of the blade.

Once the edge appears shiny, you can assume it has been sharpened. This may take between twenty to thirty strokes with the file. Complete this action on all bevelled edges and finish with a general-purpose oil to lubricate and protect the blades.

Can garden shears cut metal?

Garden shears are designed for cutting plant material. Using them to cut or trim metal would likely blunt and stop them from working effectively. Some garden shears have an extra cutting feature that allows for cutting twine or tags, but we don't recommend using them on even the softest metals.

What oil should I use on garden shears?

General-purpose oil designed specifically for garden tools is available from most reputable garden centres. However, if a quick trip out isn't an option, a spray and wipe over of WD-40 will do the trick. Alternatively, any non-petroleum-based oil, including vegetable and olive oils will also work well.