Beryllium Copper Spark-Resistant Safety Tools: Adjustable Wrenches

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The beryllium copper adjustable wrenches from Kennedy® are spark-resistant tools that eliminate the chances of accidental fires or explosions in potentially combustible or explosive environments.

Features and Benefits
• Resistant to sparks that standard tools could create when striking hard surfaces
̉• Beryllium Copper are manufactured to 30-10HRC and offer a breaking strain of 1117 N/m - 1236 N/m.

Typical Applications
• Petroleum and chemical manufacturing
• Spray booth operations
• Marine industry
• Mining
• Paper industries
• Settings where flammable vapours or combustible residues are present

• Spark-resistant tools must be maintained with special care. Frequent cleaning/re-dressing to remove ferrous particles or contaminants, which may impair the spark resistant properties, is essential.