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Miniature Pliers

6 Variations

Choose from bent nose, diagonal nippers, end cutting nippers, bent nose pliers, flat nose pliers, long nose or needle-nose pliers all in a miniature size to allow access in confined and restricted areas. Made from high-quality chrome-nickel steel with induction ground cutting edges, double-dipped PVC grips and a spring-loaded return, each set of pliers is designed to be used for delicate, fine and accurate work in a continuous production environment.

Features and Benefits
• Induction ground cutting edges hold a firm and precise edge even with extended use
• Double dipped PVC grip handles bolsters user control and overall comfort when using
• Spring loaded for user comfort and improved performance with a repetitive action
• Chrome nickel steel construction makes for a highly durable product
• Available in a range of sizes and specifications to suit your requirements
• Suited for hard to reach or confined areas

Typical Applications
• Construction
• Electrical
• Engineering