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Facom® 1" Square Drive Metric OGV® Sockets

6 Variations

Strength to ISO 2725-1, DIN 3124, NF ISO 2725-1. Thinner, lighter body. Allows the secure attachment of plunger lock accessories. Push button release. Chrome finish.
M.41HA: size 41mm, length 74mm, weight 685g.
M.50HA: size 50mm, length 80mm, weight 968g.
M.67HA: size 67mm, length 92mm, weight 1687g.
M.77HA: size 77mm, length 100mm, weight 2715g.
M.82HA: size 82mm, length 110mm, weight 2880g.
M.90HA: size 90mm, length 110mm, weight 3555g.
M.100HA: size 100mm, length 115mm, weight 4225g.