5:1 Torque Multiplier

2 Variations

For use with a wide range of drive tools such as ratchet and torque wrenches, these torque multipliers are an easy way to multiply the torque applied to the input drive by 5 times. Each multiplier includes a straight reaction bar and reaction arm and is ideal for maintenance and servicing applications in automotive and construction industries. Supplied in a carry case, the product is available with either a 1/2inch. or 3/4inch. square drive to suit your needs.

Features and Benefits
• Ideal for applications where no electrical or air supply is available
• Aids the loosening of nuts that are corroded or seized
• Accurate to within ±4%, taking the uncertainty out of high torque tightening
• Supplied in a robust carry case for ease of storage, transportation, organisation and protection
• Available with either a 1/2inch. or 3/4inch. square drive input to suit your needs

Typical Applications
• Production line
• Manufacturing
• Automotive