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Q8 Baroni XCIS Semi-Synthetic Water-Mix Fluid

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A semi-synthetic, water-mix fluid for the general machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is designed for use in modern high-flow machining centres where high foaming may be a problem, particularly in soft-water areas, and has been developed to keep machines extremely clean throughout the coolant life.

Features and Benefits
• Formulated to give optimum performance in areas where water hardness levels are less than 200ppm
• Outstanding cleanliness & corrosion protection when machining cast iron
• Biostable emulsion for long sump life with no bad odours
• Easily maintained, has excellent filterability and is especially suitable for centralised systems
• Developed for use in new high pressure systems

Typical Applications
• CNC machines
• Machining centres
• Flexible manufacturing systems and all centralised systems

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