Line Markers

Discover our range of spray line markers online now at Cromwell. Choose from a wide selection of bright colours to create highly visible line demarcation and improve safety and organisation on your site. We stock line marking spray paints from well-known brands like Action Can®, Rocol® and our own brand Kennedy®.

What is spray line marker?

A highly durable spray paint, line marker is available in a wide range of colours and is designed to mark floors for the purpose of safety. It can be used by hand or with an application tool, with different colours referencing different areas. For example, yellow is used widely in warehouses to mark safe access for walking.

Why line markers?

Line markers a simple and effective way of marking specific areas of your workplace to highlight key differences or behaviours that must be observed within those areas.

When is spray line marker used?

Suitable for use on a wide range of floor types, both indoors and out, spray line marker highlights safety walking areas, traffic management and environmental site locations, such as colour-coding drain covers. It can be used on concrete, tarmac, grass, gravel and more and creates a highly visible, permanent border where required.

Spray line marker types

There are two types of spray line marker, and both have their uses in a busy warehouse. Both are suitable for use both indoors and out and are handy when planning work and segregating areas.

Semi-permanent   -   Used for temporary marking and easy to pressure wash away, this type of line marking paint includes acrylic and lasts for up to thirty days

Permanent   -   Available in a range of finishes including satin and matte

Considerations when choosing spray line marker

Marking type - choose between permanent and semi-permanent types of line marking paint to achieve the right finish for the amount of time you require.

Application - Line paint can be applied by hand, using stencils for a neater finish, or a machine, which can provide consistent straight lines. Most brands are compatible for either of these application methods, however, some are not, so check the manufacturer's instructions on the back of the packaging.

Safety - as with most aerosol sprays, there is an odour and fumes released during use. Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, but also wear the correct PPE, such as goggles and masks to protect against any splash injury or breathing difficulties.

Spray line marker jargon buster

To help you make the best purchase for your needs, we've outlined the universal colour-coding system used for marking floors in the UK.

• Yellow - Pedestrian walkways, working areas

• White - Facility and equipment storage, parking lines

• Blue / Green / Black - Used according to company preference (usually branding), these colours designate goods and products in their various forms

• Orange - Goods-in materials and products to be inspected

• Red - Defective goods and scrap


What is a line marking applicator?

This is a manually operated push machine that applies the fitted spray paint to the area required. It provides a neater alternative to hand spraying and is quicker than using stencils.

How long does line marking paint take to dry?

Curing times can vary depending on the brand, however, the general consensus is that it takes up to two hours for line marking paint to dry.