Melting Pots

Melting pots are a safe and easy way to melt industrial waxes, glues and plastics. Here at Cromwell have carefully selected range from Seba.

What are melting pots?

A melting pot is a specially designed electric powered pot made from mild or stainless steel that is designed to evenly heat up and melt industrial waxes, plastics and glues for use in casing, coating or production processes.

Why melting pots?

A melting pot, also known as a Melter, is an industrial tool that has been designed for the purpose of safely heating up and melting substances. Compounds are placed inside the pot and enclosed by a lid; the temperature is then set by a built-in thermostat that heats the contents to the desired temperature causing it to melt evenly.

When are melting pots used?

Melting pots are used in various applications and environments:

Industrial/engineering/construction   -   They are predominantly used to melt hot dip wax coatings that once melted, tools are then dipped into the melted wax which creates a thin protective coating that guards against damage, corrosion or creates a protective barrier on sharp tools/edges for easy safe storage.
Hobbyist   -   To create wax seals.
Craft industry   -   To melt wax to form candles.

Melting pot types

Melting pots are available with a variety of different features:
Thermostat   -   Available with either a manual or digital thermostats. The manual thermostat is set using the dial to select temperature, whereas a digital thermostat allows the desired melting point temperature to be set and viewed on visual display as it heats.
Temperature range   -   Each type of melting pot has an operating temperature range displayed usually displayed in Celsius (°C), standard temperature ranging from 50-250°C.
Holding Capacity (L)   -   There are a range of melting pot sizes available ranging from 2.5 to 6 litres to suit your requirements.

Considerations when choosing a melting pot

Melting Temperature   -   Not all substances require the same temperature to melt, consider the temperature requires on selection.


What compound/substance types can I melt using a melting pot?

Each type of melting pot is designed for use with a specific type of substance or compounds, please check compatibility before use.

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