Paint Markers

Much like you would use a regular marker pen, paint markers can be used to create permanent marking solution on a variety of surfaces. They are incredibly versatile and suitable not only for industrial use but can be used for everyday domestic tasks like labelling and not to mention being great for hobbyists. Here at Cromwell, we stock paint markers from brands such as Edding®, Markal® and Artline®.

What are paint markers?

Paint markers feature the benefits of paint with the precision and control of a marker pen allowing for precise marking of surfaces. Their fibrous tips offer greater precision than for example brushes, where individual fibres can cause inaccuracies. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit, with a choice of nibs to suit your individual requirements.

Why paint markers?

As mentioned previously paint markers offer greater control than brushes which makes them great for precise marking applications. Whether its labelling industrial equipment or for marking surfaces that brushes would struggle to achieve accurate results on such as fabrics, paint marker pens offer a versatile solution.

When are paint markers used?

Paint markers are used on a variety of surfaces when permanent marking is needed. For example, labelling equipment or writing important notes and messages.

Paint marker types

There are a few different types of paint marker pens available, however the most common is oil-based. They also come in water-based and acrylic options.

Considerations when choosing a paint marker

What surface are you marking? Paint markers are effectively used on a variety of surfaces, from metal to plastic, the type of marker you require will greatly depend on the type of surface and the size of the surface being marked. For example, for a large smooth surface where you need things to stand out a large chunky nib would be more beneficial than a fine nib that would appear lost in the space. Likewise for intricate labelling or marking, a fine bullet nib would be much more suitable for more detailed work, similarly labelling fabrics you would have to consider the absorption or bleed of the paint as well.

Paint marker jargon buster

• Chisel nib - A flat and square nib shape usually at an angle (resembles a chisel head) designed for broad stokes when marking.

• Bullet nib - Round and pointed tip offers smoother lines and greater precision. Can be broad or fine depending on the area to be marked.


Can I use paint markers on metal surfaces?

Yes, paint markers can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal. As long as the surface is clean the paint should adhere to the surface for long lasting results.

Are the results permanent?

Depending on the type of paint marker, yes the results are permanent (acrylic/oil) which also means if using paint pens for crafting, we would recommend using overalls or an apron to protect clothing.