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Moisture Guard Sprays - 400ml

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Rocol Moisture Guard Spray is a thin, almost dry corrosion preventative film. It is suitable for the temporary indoor protection of components such as bearings, gears, pressings and any machined metal product which requires protection from corrosive attack - whether in storage, transit or between operations. Moisture Guard Spray Clear is ideal as a colourless, medium/long term indoor corrosion protection of bare metal components and mould tools particularly where condensation is a problem.

Features and Benefits
• Provides good temporary indoor protection of components from corrosion
• Good moisture resistant properties
• Leaves a preventative film that resists corrosion
• Silicone free formula
• Resists dust dirt and grime

• Directions for use: Shake well, hold upright and spray from a distance of approximately 15 - 30 cm. One pass usually provides sufficient protection. Ensure adequate ventilation.

• Do not spray onto naked flame or any incandescent material. Test compatibility with painted or coated surfaces, plastics and rubbers if the product is liable to come into contact with these materials.