Escutcheons, Turns & Indicators

Looking for a neat and tidy solution to finish your newly installed cylinder lock? Escutcheons, turns and indicators are a great way to conveniently improve the security and protection of your desired rooms as well as offering a barrier for your lock against dirt and debris. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of escutcheons, turns and indicators from our trusted own brand Matlock®.

What are escutcheons, turns and indicators?

Escutcheons - sometimes referred to as keyhole covers - are a component that are designed to provide a neat and tidy finish to cylinder locks. They also provide protection against dust and debris and offer an added level of security to stop the cylinder from being drilled out. Turns and indicators are comprised of a turning and locking mechanism, that also have the benefit of displaying whether the door is vacant or engaged via the colour coded indicator. Thumb turn cylinder locks don't require a key to operate them from the interior side of the door, only the external side, making them useful in bathrooms and similar environments.

When are escutcheons, turns and indicators used?

Turns and indicators are ideal for use on doors in areas where it would be beneficial for others to see whether the spaces are engaged or vacant. This encompasses rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms in shared houses as well as storage cupboards that require some level of security or privacy. Escutcheons have a wider use, as these are designed to provide additional security to cylinder locks as well as offering a neat and tidy finish to cylinder locking mechanisms.

Considerations when choosing escutcheons, turns and indicators

• Material - Escutcheons, turns and indicators are commonly manufactured from some form of metal such as aluminium, steel or brass that are both durable and easy to clean/wipe clean for product longevity. Nylon can also be used on occasion for a more cost-effective alternative, although these are not as robust as a metal product. Different metals also have the benefit of offering different colour finishes to suit your needs and preferences.

• Type - Escutcheons, turns and indicators all have slightly different functions. Turns and indicators are ideal for use on bathrooms or doors where it would be beneficial for others to know when it is locked or open, whereas escutcheons have a more universal function; to provide bolstered security and to provide a tidy finish to your locks. It's best to consider which type of product will best suit your application.

Escutcheons, turns and indicators jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of escutcheons, turns and indicators, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the products and their applications a little better.

What is a cylinder lock and how does it work?

A cylinder lock is a specific type of lock that is comprised of spring loaded pins in a central chamber. The cylinder refers to the lock body, where you insert the key. The key then pushes the spring loaded pins upward into their correct position, releasing the lock.


What are keyhole covers called?

Keyhole covers are also known as escutcheons. These terms are synonymous with one another and refer to the same component, which is a metal plate designed to cover a cylinder lock to provide better security against tampering as well as giving the lock a neater finish.

Are thumb turn locks a good idea?

Thumb turn locks are convenient for offering a decent level of security, as they can be operated via a key from the outside, but do not require one on the internal side of a door. In the instance of an emergency, thumb turn locks also provide the benefit of a quick exit; the key does not need to be located before you can leave the building or room.