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Precision Ground Flat Stock O1 Tool Steel, 3mm x 500mm

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Precision ground flat stock supplied as general grade 1.2510/O1 Tool Steel, in a wide range of metric sizes in an annealed condition. Offering excellent durability, this product is manufactured with the intent to be oil hardened once your desired tool has been crafted. With saw cut ends and all four edges supplied in a ground condition, all pieces are 500mm in length and 3mm in thickness.

Features and Benefits
• Supplied in an annealed condition making it more pliable and therefore easier to mould into your necessary tool
• Manufactured from O1 grade steel for durability, resistance to wear and overall ability to hold a good cutting edge for your tools
• Ideal for oil hardening to further bolster the strength of your tool
• Available in a range of sizes to avoid material losses by matching your specific requirements
• Saves you time as there's no need to mill or cut from plate material

Typical Applications
• Can be used for the production of knives, stamping dies, wood cutting tools or for mould making applications

• Material Specification:
• Nearest AISI Standard: O1
• Hardness: 230 HB
• Surface Roughness: max. 3.2µm