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Enamelled Frame External Micrometers - Metric

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Precision is paramount with our robust enamelled framed external micrometer. Featuring tungsten carbide tipped anvils, this tool ensures high-precision measurements in diverse applications. Ideal for workshops and manufacturing, the micrometer delivers accurate and reliable results. Its sturdy construction and advanced features make it a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts who prioritize precision in their measurements. Whether measuring dimensions in intricate projects or demanding industrial settings, this external micrometer guarantees dependable performance, setting a standard for accuracy in dimensional measurement tasks.

Features & Benefits
• Enamelled frame with tungsten carbide tipped anvils for hardwearing use
• Excellent fitted metal case with adjusting spanner
• Range Size from 25 - 50mm & over supplied with setting standard
• Manufactured to BS 870 standard
• Supplied in an impact resistant fitted plastic case
• Resolution: 0.01mm
• Weight 230g

• Adjusting spanner & metal case included