Easels & Table Top Presenters

With our selection of all-in-one flipchart easels table top presenters from Bi-Office, Durable and Five Star, you can clearly present ideas and thoughts during meetings. You can record ideas, feedback, and input instantly with them to interact with your audience.

What are flip chart easels and table top presenters?

Flipchart easels offer various options for an office environment, used for gathering list of ideas, noting tasks and planning projects. They usually have flip paper clamps near the top of the easel to hold the paper down, with shelving trays near the bottom to house the whiteboard pens.

Why buy flip chart easels and table top presenters?

With flip chart easels and table top presenters, you can enhance your audience's understanding of your ideas by visualising them, making them perfect for office meetings, business pitches, schools, colleges and universities.

When are flip chart easels and table top presenters used?

Flip chart easels are fully adjustable and portable, making it easy to set up in different locations and can be used in a multitude of tasks. They are perfect for classes, presentations, displays or group meetings in a classroom or office environment.

Flip chart easels and table top presenters types

Conference   -    stylish feature packed easel which is ideal for boardroom and conference use.

Whiteboard   -    steel drywipe surface that accepts magnets.

Considerations when choosing flip chart easels and table top presenters

Mobility - most flipchart easels come with stable 4-legged bases, but some are included with castors allowing for easy movement of the easel. If you are looking at presenting on a smaller scale, the table top presenters are very mobile as the A4 sizing allows for easy portability.

Size - The standard size for a whiteboard or flipchart easel is to suit A1 size paper, but the tabletop presenters also offer the option to use a presentation tool for training courses, meetings, customer visits, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Easels and table top presenters jargon buster

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to shop our range of easels and table top presenters, so we've outlined some key terms to ensure that you make an informed purchasing decision.

What is the difference between a matte and a shiny finish?

Most flipcharts and easels if they are suited for use with board markers, will have a shiny finish due to the nature of the material properties. Those with a matte finish are usually not drywip and arn't suited for use with board markers as they can't be erased. It's always best to check the product's specifications before purchase to ensure you have the correct product for your needs.


What is a standard flip chart easel size?

A1 flip chart paper pad is the standard writing pads for flipchart easels.

What are the standard tabletop presenter sizes?

A3/A4 are the most commons tabletop presenter sizes, which fold up like a ring binder making it easy to carry for presentations and events.

Do the flip chart easels and tabletop presenters include flipchart pads?

Our flip chart easels and tabletop presenters do not include flipchart pads, but Cromwell Tools do supply them separately.