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Notepads, Jotter & Refill Pads

Stay on top of all your projects and quickly note down ideas with notepads or jotters from Cromwell. Whether you're in the office, working from home, or need space to jot down at home, you can find a wide selection of notepads, jotters and refill pads from well-known brands such as Pukka Pad®, QConnect®, Silvine®, Oxford Stationery® and more.

What are notepads, jotter and refill pads

A notepad is a stack of paper, which is normally ruled, and is used for taking notes or quickly putting ideas down to paper so they can be revisited. They can help with your creative pursuits as they can be a blank space for your creativity to go wild. Notebooks differ from notepads in that they are not usually bound in a spine, therefore allowing for more temporary note taking. Jotters tend to be smaller notepads which can be carried on your person and are ideal for quick note taking in the spur of the moment.

Refill pads are similar to notepads but are made so they can be placed in a file or folder for easier organisation and content management. The pages can be easily taken out and added to your collection, or the whole pad can be placed in a folder using the pre-cut holes.

Why buy notepads, jotter and refill pads

Notepads and jotters are perfect for noting ideas, information, and conversations down to make sure they can be revisited and aren't forgotten. Refill pads are a great way to add more information to your predefined projects as they can be easily added into files and folders without tearing. As they are bound, it makes it easier to keep your workspace organised compared notetaking on plain paper.

When are notepads, jotters and refill pads used?

All three products are designed for use in any and all environments, from offices, schools and business to at home or domestic use, we have the right noetpad, jotter or refill pad to suit your needs.

Notepads, jotters and refill pads types

Whilst all three product categories are similar, notepads, jotters and refill pads do vary slightly from each other. Below, we've outlined the general key differences to help you select the right product for your application.

• Notepads - A notepad is a stack of lined paper, that is usually bound at the top to allow for ease of removal. It is designed for ore temporary note taking, unlike its more permanent counterpart, the notebook.

• Jotters - A jotter generally refers to a small, pocket sized book that is designed for quickly noting things down before transferring them to a more permanent piece of paper.

• Refill pads - Refill pads are designed for exactly that; refilling your existing notebook. This is ideal in instances where you have finished your notebook, but have additional notes regarding the same topic. You can simply slot the refill pad in and continue.

Considerations when choosing notepads, jotter and refill pads

• Size - The size of the notepad, jotter or refill pad is important to ensure it will be big enough for all your notes on one page, be consistent with the rest of your paperwork or be small enough to fit in your pocket.

• Paper weight - This is usually measured in grams per square metre (gsm). The higher the number of, the thicker and hard wearing the paper. Notepads, jotters and refill pads are usually available is weights between 75 - 90 gsm.

• Binding - The binding of notepads, jotters and refill pads are an important consideration when selecting the right product for you. Spiral and comb bound pads allow for older pages to seamlessly fold to the back of the pad whilst glue bound pads allow for more stability of the page.

Notepads, jotters and refill pads jargon buster

We want to make it easier for you to shop our range of notepads, jotters and refill pads, so we've outlined and explained several key terms to allow you to shop our range efficiently.

What is a comb bound pad?

Comb binding refers to a cylindrical plastic comb which uses "teeth" to attach the paper together through the punched holes.


What to do with a notepad?

You can use a notepad to take notes of conversations and ideas, make lists, or use it as an organiser. You may also find notepads with plan pages which you can use to sketch and draw and use it as a creative outlet.

What are refill pads used for?

Refill pads are used for notetaking and provide an open space for you to put your ideas down to paper. They are formed and cut to be used with your previously bound notes and holes allow for easy placement in binders and folders.